The answer to all your questions.
Setting The Bar
When Steve Brown founded Brown’s Interior Design over 40 years ago, he set the bar high for customer service. Since then, we’ve been helping clients create the home of their dreams, going above and beyond even the scope of services offered by Brown’s to ensure their satisfaction. Our close-knit, family philosophy is expressed by all of our designers—each with his or her own unique design sensibilities. Together with our comprehensive showroom and a product library available to clients and even fellow interior designers, Brown’s is poised to answer all of your design needs.
Let's Get Started
Since the work we do in each home varies, we do not have a set fee. Once you contact Brown’s, we will pair you with the appropriate designer who will conduct a complimentary consultation. We will visit your home or review your plans to evaluate the scope of the project, which can include specifications and coordination with the contractor and/or architect. We will determine the project fee based on these findings.
First AID
If you are thinking of remodeling your home or building a new one, you should call us as soon as possible. The designers at Brown’s can bring knowledge and experience to the decisions made not only in regard to fabrics and furniture, but also electrical, plumbing, space planning and interior architectural detailing. In most cases, they can help you avoid unnecessary expenditures by making sure that needs are met and no errors are made along the way. In other words, we can help you save time and money.
The Connection
We have many different types of subcontractors that we work with on a regular basis and can highly recommend. Whether you are looking for reupholstering, custom window treatments, carpet installation, wallpaper installation, or custom built-ins, we have the right person for you. We are also happy to work with your builder, general contractor or any other subcontractor you have in mind.
Environmentally Sound
Clients today are conscious of the environment and the impact they’re making on the future, so green design is certainly here to stay. Furniture, lighting and textile brands have made significant efforts to contribute to the conversation of sustainability, and we’re thrilled to be able to work with so many of them and offer their products to our clients.
No Limits
Our designers can help you with any type or size of project. Whether you need to decorate your first home, redesign your second home or start with one room, we can help you conceptualize, visualize and realize your dream.